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10 ways to freshen up the air, naturally!

Ten great – and 100 per cent natural – ways to freshen up the air inside your home.


1. Start with the most important thing: remove the source of offensive odors instead of just trying to cover up bad smells with good ones.


2. In a spray bottle, mix three parts white vinegar and one part water. Spray to your heart’s content (vinegar neutralizes odors on surfaces and in the air).


3. Crack open a few boxes of baking soda and place them strategically throughout your home (baking soda absorbs odors).


4. Scented extracts like vanilla can also be used. Dab a few drops onto cotton balls and place them on small dishes throughout your home.


5. Combine spices such as cinnamon and a few cloves in a cup of water; bring to boil, which will release the fragrance.


6. Make a citrusy air freshener by cutting open a few lemons or oranges and leaving them out on the table.


7. Add a few drops of an essential oil to a bowl of water – try refreshing grapefruit.


8. Release a fragrance by burning an eco-friendly soy candle (never leave candles unattended).


9. Grow herbs on your windowsill: Basil, mint and thyme can be grown indoors year-round. These naturally fragrant herbs will help clear the air.


10. Potpourri is a fun air freshener – and you can make it yourself with dried flowers or herbs and scented oil.


By Donna Paris

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