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5 Tips For Painting Like A Pro This Fall


Like the changing of the leaves, fall is the perfect time to update the colors in your home. With open windows, a cool breeze and the tips below, you can check painting off your list in a snap and head back outdoors to enjoy your favorite autumn activities.


1. Buy high-quality paint for the best coverage and deepest color saturation

When it comes to paint, quality matters. Search for a combination paint-and-primer to save a few steps and ensure complete coverage. Good options have high hiding ability and resist stains and scuffs.


Behr Marquee Interior Paint & Primer is a great example. This durable paint offers a one-coat guarantee when tinted to one of 372 classic and contemporary hues in the Behr Marquee Interior One-Coat Color Collection. It’s scrubbable and with a one-coat guarantee, you can spend less time painting and more time sipping apple cider or getting the kids ready to head back to school.


Behr Marquee is available at The Home Depot stores nationwide. For more information, visit


2. Use websites and apps tools to simplify your search

Once you’ve chosen your product, it’s time to pick a color. Color selection can seem intimidating, but is a chance to infuse your personality into your home. Many online resources are available for homeowners to explore, coordinate and experiment with different looks. Pinterest, Houzz and Apartment Therapy are great websites for browsing images and finding home décor inspiration and colors that speak to you.


3. Use paint samples, rather than chips

The easiest way to see the color in your home is to see it in action. Many paint retailers offer small sample cans for just a few dollars. Use these to paint a few stripes of each color option in the room you’ll be painting, then watch as the color changes in different lighting conditions.


“Sunlight, shadows and furniture can all alter the appearance of paint in your space,” says Erika Woelfel, the VP of Color Marketing at Behr. “Before fully committing to a hue, make sure it’s one you’ll love morning, noon and night.”


4. Use the right painting supplies

High-quality painting tools save you time over the course of your project and produce the most beautiful finish. For best results, use a high-quality, lint-free roller cover. Select brushes made of nylon and polyester, and for flawless edges, use a painter’s tape specifically designed for your surface type.


5. Spend time preparing for your project

Proper preparation is the key to achieving long-lasting color. Begin by removing all wall fixtures you can, such as pictures, doors and light switches. If you have small cracks or holes in your walls, remove any dust and apply a patching material. Make sure to allow this to dry completely before sanding the finished area.


Wash away oil, grease or wax stains by dampening the surface, applying mild detergent with a sponge and then rinse the wall clean. Once dried, you’ll be ready for smooth application and beautiful color.


With these five tips and a free afternoon, you can easily transform the inside of your home into a cozy retreat for fall.



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