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Keep Your Home Warm With Thrifty Heating Tips

How are you warming up this winter? On average, we spend 60 per cent of our energy dollars on space heating, so it pays to heat as efficiently as possible. Hydro One has some helpful tips for you to consider:


Make sure your furnace is running smoothly:


• Clean the filter regularly to extend the furnace lifespan and reduce energy.


• Set your furnace fan switch on “automatic” instead of “on” or “continuous”.


Try these settings if you have a programmable thermostat:

• 21° (70°F) when you are relaxing;

• 20° (68°F) if you are working or exercising;

• 18° (64°F) for when you are sleeping or away for the day;

• 16° (61°F) when you are away on vacation.


• You can also turn down your thermostat when your fireplace is operating. Fires can draw heat from the room through the chimney, so your furnace has to work even harder.


Stop the drafts and air leaks by sealing windows and doors:


• An inexpensive option is to build a barrier against the cold by sealing your windows with plastic sheeting. All you need is a hair dryer, double sided tape and some inexpensive plastic sheeting. There is indoor and outdoor sheeting available, so be sure to read the label.


• If you cannot seal your windows, try hanging heavy drapes or blinds to help keep the cold out and heat in.


• Rubber weather stripping is also an easy way to seal doors by creating a skirt on the door frame.


More energy saving tips are available at



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