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Member of Parliament – Guelph brings Congratulations!


Catherine Valeriote on behalf of her husband Frank Valeriote, Member of Parliament for Guelph brought Congratulations to Gia upon the celebration of 25 Years in Real Estate in the City of Guelph.,

A certificate of Congratulations was presented which read:



I wish to extend my warmest Congratulations to you on the 25th Anniversary
of your career in real estate.

Your dedication to providing the people of Guelph quality and valued service
has made an indelible impression on our community.

Having know you so long, I also know that the passion and competence you bring
to your calling inspires all around you.

Guelph is richer for your service to our community and we are deeply grateful for it.

- Frank Valeriote
Member of Parliament – Guelph


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