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The City of Guelph is Rolling out the Carts

About your carts
The City of Guelph is rolling out a new way to collect organics, recyclables and garbage. Carts will be used instead of plastic bags. Using carts will reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill, lower the City’s operating costs and decrease Guelph’s carbon footprint.

cartsYou’ll receive:

  • an information package about the cart program
  • a food scrap container
  • a small, 80-litre green cart for organics
  • a blue cart for recyclables
  • a grey cart for garbage

You’ll choose:

  • one of four sizes for your blue cart and grey cart that best meets your household needs.
Small cart - Height: 88 cm.(34 in.), Width 41 cm. (16 in.), Depth 55 cm. (22 in.)                                    Medium cart - Height: 96 cm.(38 in.), Width 49 cm. (19 in.), Depth 54 cm. (21 in.)
           Small                                                         Medium
            Holds                                                             Holds
80 litres/21 gallons
                             120 litres/32 gallons                                           

       (equivalent to                                            (equivalent to
approximately one bag*)                    
approximately two bags*)
Large cart - Height: 110 cm.(43 in.), Width 62 cm. (25 in.), Depth 70 cm. (28 in.)                      Extra large cart - Height: 113 cm.(45 in.), Width 64 cm. (25 in.), Depth 87 cm. (34 in.)
                  Large                                                     Extra large
                   Holds                                                             Holds
240 litres/64 gallons                                  360 litres/95 gallons
(equivalent to                                                     (equivalent to
approximately four bags*)
                       approximately six bags*)

Note: all dimensions are approximate
* A standard 30 in. x 38 in. (76 cm x 96 cm) bag
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